Business card placer offer a new office solution for a better organization

Everyday millions of professionals exchange their business cards in all sectors, these are often handled out with additional information sheets, brochures leaflets etc which is often perceived to be little organized and ends up with the business card being lost. Business card placer is very simple to use and helps to give a more profesional and organized impression

Mellenthini is a company founded by the inventor and entrepreneur Jens August Mellentin of Danish nationality. Jens got the idea of making a device that allows you to fix business cards on paper folders, letterheads and brochures without damaging the card




The machine adjusts the business card on any paper with a perfect cut, no glue, or sticky material is used, making it very clean and elegant

In addition to placing business cards the machine can also be used for other purposes such as the organization of folders, or even for out of office purposes such as placing creative cards for special occasions





The end consumer for the business card placer is everybody from young to old , with a real benefit  adjoining business cards to leather-heads , brochures and folders

Exhibitions where sales staff give out thousands of brochures together with their business card on exhibitions all over the world , is a good example of a real need to keep personal and company information together in a jungle of brochures , to this product we can add a card feeder to place hundreds of business cards in series on leather-heads , brochures and folders etc